• Skilled Nursing

    Delivering Top Talent to the Skilled Nursing Industry within 24 hours.

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  • Hospice/Home Health

    Delivering Top Talent to the Hospice/Home Health
    Industry within 24 hours.

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  • Assisted Living

    Delivering Top Talent to the Assisted Living Industry within 24 hours.

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  • Addiction Treatment Centers

    Delivering Top Talent to Addiction Treatment Centers within 24 hours!

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  • Outpatient Care Centers

    Delivering Top Talent to the Outpatient Care Centers Industry within 24 hours.

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Why Hire DNA Search?

DNA Search, Inc. is a 22 year old executive search firm with a specialty in the Healthcare sector. We specialize in mid to upper level nursing and Director level positions. Our leader and CEO Dan Levy has been in this industry for 35 years and is in a small handful of veteran recruiters in this entire country that has the knowledge, experience and know how to deliver on the best service and talent to the industry. Through Dan’s leadership, DNA Search, Inc. has become one of the foremost authorities within the Continental U.S. for recruiting talent within the Healthcare industry.

It’s all about speed:

Pre-technology days the recruiting industry was about speed and time to fill, seasoned recruiters knew how to deliver talent within 24 hours to an employer. Over the last 10 years this concept has changed. With all the job boards, social networks and spam, companies have gotten stuck in either hiring less than qualified talent or maintain open positions for an average of 90 days. DNA Search, Inc. has redefined the time to fill cycle. The days of open positions longer than 30 days are gone with DNA Search Inc, and in most cases 90% of open positions are filled within 5 days.


Our relationships with our employers are about partnerships, we look to develop long term and ongoing relationships for not years but decades. Our value to our employers is priceless since the talent we deliver far exceeds our employers expectations.

Our recruiters:

We train and groom some of the best of the best. Our training and mentoring program is the most comprehensive in the entire industry. Many industry leaders have been trained by DNA’s CEO over the last 35 years!

If you would like to connect with us please email us at: inquire@dnasrch.com.